Content matters. This is something we’ve always known at Proof Perfect. But thanks to Google, now everyone else does too!

What am I talking about?

Let me take you back to the days before Google mattered. The days when I first set up my copywriting agency. The online world wasn’t much of a focus then.

My services were in demand for sure – by large corporations that understood that quality writing serves to enhance their corporate reputation just as bad writing serves to destroy it.

Content didn’t matter to all.

But for the rest of businesses, especially those on a limited marketing budget, written content came in a poor second to design considerations. They’d pay for great design and throw the copy on top as an afterthought – copy often written by someone inhouse not trained in writing, and, worse still, not fluent in written English.

The results were messages that didn’t resonate with the target audience and marketing material laden with grammar errors.

Written content just wasn’t valued as it should have been.

Then Google came into the picture and companies started to demand quality written content to get good website page rankings. Even then, good writers weren’t needed. As long as the right keywords appeared in the copy, that was all that mattered. The text didn’t even need to be visible on the page as long as it was there!

Then Google moved the goalposts.

Flash forward to today. Google ranks web pages that are rich in content. But not just any content. Content that is seen. Content that makes sense and educates the reader. Trying to get your pages ranked on Google is no more a question of stuffing keywords onto the page.

It’s now all about giving readers a quality experience. When Google users run a search and click on a search result, they expect to be rewarded with content relevant to their search. They want answers and Google wants you to give them those answers through your content.

So finally, content matters!

Without content, it’s hard to rank your pages on Google when you focus on one keyword phrase per page. Create lots of educational content across many pages and optimising each for a relevant keyword becomes less of a challenge.

And there’s an added bonus when content matters!

By  putting out all that educational content, you start to position yourself as an expert – an authority in your field. You can even use your pieces to establish thought leadership and get a conversation going.

So start creating content that matters to your customers through blogs and get the double benefit of better rankings and a better reputation. What have you been doing to deliver great content to your customers?

Can we help you create content faster?

Ange Dove

About Ange Dove

Master copywriter and content marketer Ange Dove, AKA Your Business Transformation Fairy Godmother, founded Proof Perfect in 2003 to improve business communication and marketing, one business at a time.

Ange and her Proof Perfect team focus on providing compelling copy backed by powerful visuals to make clients’ content stand out both online and offline.

She is adept at planning strategies for her clients and using the best of today’s technologies to automate their marketing so they can Get Ready, Get Seen, Get Business.

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