As a small or medium-sized business in Singapore, the concept of hiring a content writer might seem a wee bit frivolous. But the truth is, content matters. You need content to launch a business. Whether it’s a Facebook page, a basic LinkedIn profile or a full-blown website – you need compelling content. And as your business grows, your need for content will only grow with it.

You’re almost certainly not going to need a permanent employee in-house. But you might want to consider outsourcing your content by hiring a content writer in Singapore. Where to start?

First of all, know the difference between content writers and copywriters.

At Proof Perfect, we offer both content creation and copywriting services. Regardless, it’s worth knowing the difference between the two services so you can make sure you’re sourcing the right fit for you.

Of course, content writing and copywriting are both forms of writing. But while content writers focus on long-form content, such as blog posts, press releases and articles that raise brand awareness and increase user engagement, copywriters focus more on sales copy. They create straplines, eDMs and landing pages, with the sole intention to convert leads into paying customers.

If you’re outsourcing your content, you need to consider the kind of writer you’re really looking for. Do you want to create content that exposes your brand to a new audience and builds brand loyalty? Do you want to use your content to sell, sell and sell some more? A copywriter in Singapore is your best bet

Or do you want the best of both worlds, like we offer at Proof Perfect?

Once you know exactly what you’re looking for, you can weigh up the pros and cons for your business. And if you’re still not sure, here’s why you and your business should invest in a content writer in Singapore.

Content writers know what Google wants.   

Are you spending money on Google AdWords? Well, content writers know how to expose brands the organic way. They have the necessary expertise to optimise every post they create, without relying on keyword stuffing, to help boost rankings in search engines. And they will do the necessary research into your specific field to create compelling content that reaches out to potential and existing customers.

As a small business, you could end up saving money on paid advertising through simple content creation. You won’t need to spend tonnes of money on Google ads if you’re already ranking on page one.

Content writers save you time.

Not sure how to put into words how your product or service can change people’s lives? Or worried that when you do create content, it’s not quite on par with your vision for the business? Chances are, you’re either spending hours and hours agonising over your content, or you’re just pretending it doesn’t exist.

There’s absolutely no shame in not being a content expert. Running a small or medium-sized business takes hard graft and dedication, and there’s often little time left over to be worrying about your content. So why not leave it to the experts? You’ll save yourself valuable time, energy and in-house resources.

Content writers create really good content.

If you want to post content that is appealing, relevant and well-written, you’re better off leaving it in the hands of someone who knows exactly what they are doing.

The average content writer in Singapore will be producing more content than the iconic Merlion does water. They’ve seen it all before and they are experts at what they do.

But what makes a content writer stand out from the crowd? Well, they will take the time to understand your business and your customer. They will constantly ask questions and create unique content that fills a niche in the market. They won’t just produce content for the sake of it. That’s the kind of content writer you need if you want to get the most value from your hard-earned cash.

Content writers create long-term value.

Even if your budget only stretches to one blog post a week or a couple of blog posts a month, investing in a content writer can help to boost your readership and draw more customers to your business. And if you can set the money aside for that, you’ll eventually start to see a return on your investment in the form of leads and conversions.

If spending money on content actually ends up making you money, it could be the key to growing your business from a small start-up to a leading player in your field. And that’s what all small and medium sized businesses are aiming for!


Looking to hire a content writer in Singapore? Get in touch with us today to find out more about our content creation services.

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