Content writers in Singapore face a myriad different challenges, and website content creation is one of them. Crafting good web content can be like spinning a real-life spider’s web. If a customer is on your site, they’ve either stumbled across you by accident, or they’re actively looking for a specific product or service that you’ve claimed to offer. Like a fly in a web, you don’t want them to get away – in fact, you want them to cling to your services for as long as possible.

Planning your website creation and worrying about where to start? As content writers in Singapore ourselves, we’ve outlined for you the silky-smooth route to spinning your web just right:

Invert your pyramid

Website content follows a completely different structure than traditional articles. Using the inverted pyramid structure, your content should be broken down with the most important facts stated first and less important facts relegated lower down the site. This will ensure your potential customers can find out exactly what you’re about, fast.

Keeping the structure as simple as possible, every paragraph should follow this pattern. Use the first line to convey your most important information first, and then use real-life examples to prove your point afterwards. If a potential customer finds your site difficult to navigate, they’ll be back on Google before you can say… well, Google.

Research your keywords

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is essential for your website, so you should make sure to research potential keywords thoroughly before you start. Content writers in Singapore can advise you on this. Once you’ve chosen a keyword for each page, don’t oversaturate the content with them – your content should still read well and make sense, with your keywords strategically placed throughout.

Make sure that your keyword use is consistent on each page of your site, so that search engines direct your customers to the relevant pages for your products or services.

Keep it short and sweet

Though a comprehensive history of the ups and downs of your company might be interesting for some, it’s probably not going to bring a lot to the table in terms of sales or lead generation. Make sure that everything you’re including on your site is relevant, concise and easy to digest, and that the most important pages are easily accessible in the navigation bar.

Remember to bear your audience in mind as you write. The content you create should help to persuade them of the value of your product or services, as well as ease them of any concerns.

Fixing your formatting

Website creation is much more than words, so you should bear the overall vision of your website in mind when creating your content. Where will the images go? How will the site fit together? Where can customers reach the information they need? If the content and design elements don’t work as a cohesive whole, it’ll be difficult to piece together your efforts at the end.

Spider silk is notoriously strong. If you’re looking for content writers in Singapore to help you build the perfect website, our content creation services can help you spin your own web even stronger.

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