Thought. Care. Attention. Effort. Time. Us editors in Singapore pour all of these into our content creation process.

If you’ve spent hours and hours building content for your brand, it can be hard to trust someone else to make changes to the finished product. Exceptional editors in Singapore aren’t easy to find, and when you’re proud of the work you’ve created, you want to make sure that your editor is the right one for you. But finding ‘the one’ doesn’t have to be a chore!

What should you look for? We went round the office to come up with seven super qualities an editor should possess!

  1. Organisation

This might seem pretty obvious, but a successful editor needs to be able to juggle multiple projects at once, without sacrificing the quality of any of them. The ability to plan ahead and develop a schedule is crucial for editors to hit deadlines on time.

  1. Consistency

A good editor should be able recognise the style of your piece, adjusting their amendments accordingly. This goes hand in hand with solid research of your brand to help inform their decisions. The finished product should be consistent and flow as a whole.

  1. Precision

A decent editor will read a piece backwards, aloud or even upside down if it helps them to look it objectively. Taking the time to step away from a piece of work, returning later to make sure that any changes are relevant and cohesive, is important. Glancing through something a couple of times is never enough!

  1. Curiosity

Your editor shouldn’t take anything for granted. They should constantly question what is in front of them to help inform any changes to your piece. An effective editor will take the time to search for answers, learning new things every day.

  1. Honesty

A reliable editor will be truthful about your work. If they respect the work that you have created, they will be able to explain to you what changes they have made and why.

  1. Creativity

It’s not only writers that need a creative spark! A good editor should be able to shuffle sentences, trim down unnecessary words and think outside the box to enhance the work that is already there.

  1. Passion

Last but not least, an editor will stand out if they care about the work they are producing. They should love the written word, pursuing perfection in every sentence they craft. A good editor will take a rough diamond and polish it up until it sparkles.

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