The first and longest-standing copywriting agency in Singapore




We were the first copywriting agency in Singapore. And we are the longest-standing.


Because we move with the times.

Our founder, copywriter Ange Dove, has always been looking for ways to make our processes work faster and more efficiently.

We started at the dawn of the Internet when Ange got her first home computer (remember those big boxy things that needed a landline and your heart caught in your mouth every time you heard that connecting signal and prayed that it would connect?)

She recognised that she could build a business working from home, looking after her two toddlers at the time. But things didn’t go exactly to plan. She had to move out and get an office and hire staff to meet the demand. Back then there was no Cloud. Yes, the Internet allowed files to be sent digitally, but there was no way to collaborate with others except face to face, which was limiting.

We harnessed Cloud technology early on

When the Cloud came to be, Ange jumped on the chance to remodel her business and fully use technology advances to grow Proof Perfect and have it working the way she had always envisioned it.

Today Ange helms Proof Perfect location free and draws on her team locally and on talents around the world to bring the best for her clients.

The services we provide haven’t changed.

We’ve just found a smarter way to deliver them.

As the longest-standing copywriting agency in Singapore, all this while we’ve been supporting large corporations in executing their marketing campaigns and have been helping small businesses save costs in marketing online.

We’d love to help you next!



Hi there!

Welcome to Proof Perfect. I’m Ange Dove and I’m glad to have you here.

Ask most of my clients about me and you’re most likely to hear the word “passion” a lot of the time – a passion for what I was born to do – write.

Well, that’s what I USED to think I did for a profession – write copy. I’m a copywriter after all and run Proof Perfect, Singapore’s the first and longest-standing copywriting agency. But it goes WAY beyond that.

I stand up for the copy I and my team write, to protect it. In this way, I’m protecting my clients’ corporate reputation.

When I take on a project, I really CARE about the outcome – to the point of obsession. My sole focus is on protecting your corporate or brand reputation – so I’m a great person to have on your side. I’m willing to get tough in taking my stand if I think you’re doing yourself an injustice. It’s your reputation at stake. As your copywriter and marketing advisor, I see it as my OBLIGATION to give you copy that works. 

So I’m always there to provide guidance and support, helping my clients become aware of what they don’t know and ensuring their business benefits from my sword (the pen – well the computer keyboard really!).

As a copywriter and mentor, I’ve helped many companies over the last 20 years to find their brand voice and have trained copywriters I employ to enhance their skills in writing copy that sells.

Business owners come to my group and private couching sessions for guidance on how to create and manage more powerful marketing campaigns and over time I’ve put that training into online training courses and coaching programmes that you can access through my online academy MarketSMART Learning Hub.