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We’ve heard many a lament that it’s difficult to find a good copywriter in Singapore. First off, let’s get the boasting out the way. We are the first and longest-standing copywriting agency in Singapore (ahem). We only say this to prove that we know quite a bit about copywriting.

But this blog isn’t about that. It’s about you.

Are you struggling to find a good copywriter in Singapore? The struggle is real, we know. Finding someone to write your copy for you, who can sit down and knock out a few words that are vaguely related to your subject matter, isn’t impossible, for sure. But what about finding someone who cares about your business enough to do the research? Who knows how to spin something that is actually a little bit boring into something interesting and exciting for your customers?

No one is enthused by average. And it’s even harder to grab attention in the digital world. No one’s going to read a bland e-news update riddled with grammatical errors if they can be watching a video of a cat spooning a dog instead.

So it’s worth investing in someone who takes the time to understand your business. You want a copywriter in Singapore who will slip into your shoes like they’re old, comfy slippers and then wander away into I’m-Going-To-Write-Awesome-Content-That-Generates-Real-Leads town. You want someone who knows that content matters, and someone who knows how to market you.

So how do you find a copywriter in Singapore like that, you ask?

1.    Decide what you really want

Make a whole long list of exactly what it is that you want. And don’t forget to consider your budget. There’s no point going through the long process of finding the perfect copywriter only to find they don’t offer what you’re looking for.

2.   Do your research

It’s worth taking the time to explore online and weigh up as many options as you can. Your copywriter should have direct experience in writing effective sales and marketing copy with strong evidence to back it up. You’ll be able to tell a lot about them just from their website and the way they market themselves.

3.    Consider credentials

It’s never rude to ask for client testimonials or examples of written content from potential copywriting agencies. In fact, they will probably be super proud of all their work and will jump at the chance to talk you through it. Seeing real-life examples of what each copywriter is capable of will really ease your mind when it comes to making a hard and fast decision.

4.   Ask for a face-to-face meeting

Before you commission work over the phone, take the time to meet with your copywriter in person. That way, you’ll gain more of an understanding about how they work and what they’re planning to do for you. If they want to learn about your business and write the best copy they can, they’ll ask plenty of questions in the meeting. Warning: A lack of questions shows a lack of interest. Just bear that in mind …

5.    Ask for a sample

It’s OK to ask your copywriter to do a mock-up of something short for you. Of course, you can’t expect them to complete an entire project without any commitment from you whatsoever, but you can still gain a sense of their creativity, copywriting ability and business understanding from an email or Facebook ad. And if they’re willing to write you a sample for free, you’re on to a good’un.

Now go forth and find the perfect copywriter in Singapore for you. Feel free to start your search right here. 😉

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Master copywriter and content marketer Ange Dove, AKA Your Business Transformation Fairy Godmother, founded Proof Perfect in 2003 to improve business communication and marketing, one business at a time.

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