Hire a copywriter in Singapore? There are people that do that? Write your content for you? I never realised I could outsource that!

We get that a lot.

The good news is that, yes, you can hire out the time-consuming and, for most people, painful, task of writing content to publicise your business.


copywriter in Singapore

By handing your content writing over to professionals, you get to get it off your plate. And that’s a good thing, right?

But more than that, hiring out often means it gets done faster.

Rather than you struggling and agonising over every single word, you can outsource the task locally. A professional copywriter in Singapore, like those in our team, writes for a living, does it every day and therefore can usually bang things out in no time at all!

It’s just in our blood.

But there’s an added bonus too.

By outsourcing your content creation to a professional copywriter in Singapore, you get a fresh perspective on your content.

When it’s your business, your services, your products, you can find yourself too close to the subject matter to be objective – to see things from your potential buyer’s point of view.

So your copy might not hit the mark.

copywriter in Singapore

That’s why I get my copywriting team to write copy for Proof Perfect rather than me most of the time. I’m too invested as the business owner. Sure I can knock my clients’ copy out, no problem. But when it comes to writing mine, or writing about my personal brand, I can get real stuck.

Which brings to mind another reason it’s good to hand your copywriting over to professionals …

You’re probably a bit reluctant to toot your own horn, as it were. You want to come across as humble.

But when it comes to marketing your business, humble isn’t a virtue that’s going to do you any favours. You need to promote ruthlessly. Getting a third party to do that is a lot easier. So do yourself a favour and hire the task out to a professional copywriter.

Hire locally. Getting a copywriter in Singapore means you can have meetings face to face that can ease communication. More importantly, they are more likely to understand your market.


How do you hire a good copywriter in Singapore?

Get a recommendation from someone if you can

– if someone has been happy with a copywriter they hired and you trust that person’s recommendations, it cuts out a lot of research time.

copywriter in Singapore

Look for organically listed copywriters on Google 

– use common keywords like “copywriter in Singapore”, “copywriters”, “editors”, “content writers” and add “Singapore” to the search term. The first entries that come up are paid ads – copywriters actively promoting their services through paid ads. Further down, you’ll find organically listed companies. That usually means they’ve been around longer and have the chops to get listed on Google through their own content. There’s nothing wrong with paying for ads, don’t get me wrong, but if you want your site to rank in time so that you can reduce your online ad spend, hiring a company that’s managed to list organically is a safer bet.


Contact the copywriter for a meeting

– for Pete’s sake, please do yourself a favour and MEET the writer before you start asking for price. Run your business professionally. Sure, you want to keep costs low. We all get that. But you get what you pay for. If you shop on price alone and decide to pay peanuts, guess what? Yes, you get monkeys! You’ll end up with poorly written content that will backfire on you down the road.

copywriter in Singapore

In the meeting, find out the copywriter’s experience

– and I mean in writing in general NOT writing for your industry. You are hiring a COPYWRITER, an expert in writing, not an expert in your industry. A good copywriter will research and get to know your industry. You need someone trained to WRITE and to sell through writing. Don’t lose sight of your hiring goal here! Copywriting is a special skill that someone familiar in your industry may not have. Don’t confuse expert knowledge in the subject matter with the ability to write well and convey your message simply so your audience will understand. Shop SMART! Sorry, a bit of a rant there, but I just don’t understand business owners who shop on price when it comes to something as critical as marketing their business.


Listen to how the copywriter talks about their work

– Are they passionate? Are they curious? You’re going to need someone who can infuse passion into your content. Do they understand your audience or are they willing to learn? The benefits of hiring a copywriter in Singapore as opposed to abroad will raise the odds for you here.

copywriter in Singapore


Is their writing accurate?

– This is critical, especially if you are talking to an international audience. Buyers who see grammatical mistakes in the copy are less likely to trust your company and that can cost you the sale. Make sure you make a good first impression. Invest in getting the communication right! Worst case scenario, you end up a laughing stock on international TV. Best case scenario – you just look uneducated. Don’t risk it.

copywriter in Singapore

Hire a copywriter, not a journalist

– Hiring a journalist takes care of point 6 above, for sure. But it’s a different skill set. Journalists are trained in journalism, not copywriting. Copywriters understand the psychology of a buyer. They know how to manipulate the sale. They know how to sell on emotion – because people buy on emotion. Hire a copywriter.


Give a clear brief

– The copywriter needs to understand the scope of the work involved in order to quote accurately. You don’t want nasty, surprise, add-on costs half way through the project. So be transparent. If your work is confidential, have the writer sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) before you talk.


Now you can consider price

– Allocate a decent budget for what you want to accomplish. It will pay dividends in the end. You’ll probably get quoted varying costs by different writers based on their experience, their results, their overheads, their value. Select a copywriter who gives you a fair price that matches the results you want to achieve. Know that really cheap isn’t going to get you much, and the more you are willing to invest, the better the likely outcome. If you are squeezing the copywriter for every penny and wasting their time, they’re not likely to give your work respect because you’re not giving them the respect. That’s basic human psychology. If you hire a professional, be professional. You could end up with a long and good relationship. Good copywriters are hard to find. When you have one, be sure to maintain the relationship.

copywriter in Singapore


Follow these steps for hiring a copywriter in Singapore and you are on track to improving content marketing for your business and that means more business for you.

When it comes to hiring a copywriter, give us a try ...

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