Imparting marketing advice to the next generation

Yesterday, our CEO, Ange Dove, took a trip to a local primary school for girls. Her mission? Motivate some mini entrepreneurs!

Why was Proof Perfect invited to attend?

Well, the teachers at the school have cleverly twisted their end-of-year bazaar into an entrepreneurial challenge. The girls have been split into groups to run their own stalls, and they will need to decide everything from how to market their stall to the pricing structure for the products. It’s a simple idea, but one that will inspire them to think about the key elements of running a business.

Ange was invited to share some basic marketing advice with the girls to help them plan their stalls to perfection. And she was also able to share her own success story with them – the building of this humble agency from scratch, the first of its kind in Singapore, way back in 2003!

She explained to the group the best ways to brand, market and sell their products, including the importance of knowing your market, how to build a brand identity and marketing strategy, and how to choose a strong leading salesperson for the day itself. The girls were so excited to get started!


Proof Perfect is proud to volunteer for opportunities such as this one.

We love giving back to the community, and we especially love empowering potential businesswomen for the future. And it was a chance for us to gain inspiration from the students themselves, too.

Not every child will be the next Yang Lan, Oprah Winfrey or Beyonce. Not every child will want to be! But in a world of start-ups and business-savvy creations, entrepreneurship is an essential life skill.

Do you agree that all children should have access to marketing advice at school?

Ange Dove

About Ange Dove

Master copywriter and content marketer Ange Dove, AKA Your Business Transformation Fairy Godmother, founded Proof Perfect in 2003 to improve business communication and marketing, one business at a time.

Ange and her Proof Perfect team focus on providing compelling copy backed by powerful visuals to make clients’ content stand out both online and offline.

She is adept at planning strategies for her clients and using the best of today’s technologies to automate their marketing so they can Get Ready, Get Seen, Get Business.

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