We’re living in a digital age, where marketing content is more accessible than ever. Unfortunately, the flip side of that is content is more dispensable than ever.

We want all of our customers to be like Alice, right? So hooked on what we’re offering that they follow us to Wonderland, a glorious place where everyone is happy, flowers bloom and businesses are profitable. Website readers swipe merrily from one page to the next. Everyone has a hot cup of tea and a slice of Unbirthday cake.

But how do we use marketing content as our White Rabbit? Tempting audiences to read what we write is always tricky, but it’s even harder when we consider that the Internet is already saturated with content.

Curiouser and curiouser! Here are our ideas for engaging marketing content that’s worthy of Wonderland.

Content that… makes us laugh

Throwback pop culture. Memes. Viral videos of people falling over. What have we learned? People love to share content that makes them laugh. And often the most successful viral campaigns are the simplest. Sometimes all you need is a smile.

Content that… helps us learn

Everyone has questions they want answered. The best way to get potential customers to sign up to a service is by dangling a nice, juicy carrot in front of them. Whether you use an e-book full of insider information or an online webinar to talk about industry trends, you can generate leads and give your readers the advice they’re looking for. It’s win, win.

Content that… requires interaction

Ever found yourself taking a quiz that you don’t really care about, like ‘What Kind of Sandwich Are You’ or ‘We Know Your Favourite Condiment’? People are always drawn to content that feels personal to them. The gamification element can help you convey important information about your brand without being too overt. Integrating quizzes or interactive content can be an effective way to supplement your marketing strategy in a subtler way.

Content that… inspires us

The most shareable content taps into the wish culture of the next generation. A beautiful sunrise, an inspirational quote, a moving story – everyone loves to treasure the good things in life. Visual content has universal appeal, and apps like Instagram allow us to make the most of its power.

People never get tired of dreaming, and dreaming is at the heart of Wonderland. To quote the Cheshire Cat: “Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality.” What will you try next?

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Ange Dove

About Ange Dove

Master copywriter and content marketer Ange Dove, AKA Your Business Transformation Fairy Godmother, founded Proof Perfect in 2003 to improve business communication and marketing, one business at a time.

Ange and her Proof Perfect team focus on providing compelling copy backed by powerful visuals to make clients’ content stand out both online and offline.

She is adept at planning strategies for her clients and using the best of today’s technologies to automate their marketing so they can Get Ready, Get Seen, Get Business.

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