Marketing to millennials – You might be sick and tired of hearing about how important it is to market your business to the millennial generation. But did you know that by 2018, millennials will have the biggest spending power of any generation?

In Singapore alone, Aon Hewitt estimates that there are around 1.2 million millennials, which amounts to 22 per cent of the resident population.

Need help marketing to millennials? Here are the facts you need to know!

marketing to millennials

What does this mean for your strategy?

  • Don’t just rely on traditional advertising. You should welcome user-generated content on your website or social media pages, and make the most of reviews, testimonials and case studies
  • Stay active on social media, encourage customer feedback and use promotions/rewards to get readers to share your content for you
  • Reach out with personalised content in your email marketing and social media campaigns
  • Share your company message and values. What do you stand for? Which charities do you support? What  really matters to you?

Millennials don’t want content forced down their throat. They want content to be authentic, interesting, relevant and meaningful. And they value the credibility of the businesses they buy from.

Of course, marketing to millennials isn’t just about ticking off a checklist! You need to carefully consider the target audience for your unique product or service. Then you need to think about how Generation Y fits into your vision. For tangible success, you want your content to have strong universal appeal.

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