We are an office full of animal lovers, so when we read a study that suggested pets boost productivity in the office, we started thinking: would the office benefit if we got a cat? Or would it be a complete cat-astrophe? (If you don’t like cat puns, look away now.)

Of course, the main consideration was whether the environment would be safe. We thought hard about where the kitty would go for evenings and at weekends, and whether he or she would be happy exploring our two-storey, open-plan shophouse during the day. But once all of that was settled, the question ‘Should we get a cat?’ became ‘WHERE should we get a cat?’

We knew we wanted to rescue a kitty in need. And there’s plenty of kitties in need in Singapore! So we set off around Singapore, going from cat shelter to cat shelter to find the perfect furry friend.

Finally, we fell in love at Kittycare Haven, a pawsome non-profit shelter that takes in dogs and cats from the street and strives to rehabilitate them into friendly homes. Unfortunately, because of the high volume of cats coming through their doors, they are sometimes forced to release healthy cats back to the streets after they have been sterilised and vaccinated.

Our little kitty was introduced to us a six-month-old tabby with no name. She had been born in a house but left on the street by someone who didn’t want her anymore. She was due for re-release in just 10 days. Whether she boosts productivity in the office or not, we knew we could offer her a better home!

So meet Lexicon (Lexie for short), the newest addition to the Proof Purrfect family. If you ever come to visit us, she’ll be here to welcome you. And we promise her presence won’t lead us to pro-cat-stinate on your projects.

Do you think pets can help boost productivity in the office?

For more information on adopting a cat in Singapore, take a look at SPCAThe Cat MuseumCat Welfare Society and Kittycare Haven.

Ange Dove

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