That last check for unseen errors before publication

Rushing to publish your content to meet a tight deadline?

With our proofreading services, we provide peace of mind that your text will be consistent and error-free on publication.

Leaving out the proofreading process, or not leaving enough time to do it properly, forces errors that don’t need to be there. Especially if your text has to go through many checks before final approval, if you’re in a rush, or if you’re transferring text into a design layout.

We’ll cast a fresh pair of eyes over the final proofs to look for unnoticed spelling, grammar and punctuation errors before you go for publication.

While we’re at it, we’ll check that the text is properly formatted and the layout is consistent.

In doing so, we help you to protect your corporate reputation and publish consistent, error-free material.

It simply doesn’t make sense to work so hard to produce a document only to have errors remain at the printing or customer viewing stage.

Call us on 69709200 now and ask about our proofreading per word rates. Or request a quote below!

Thank you Lord for sending Ange to me. She is like an Angel to me. She is kind and helpful, she is humble and professional. Nothing is too difficult for her. Whatever questions I ask her, she can explain it very comprehensively and in detail,. Sometimes she even give examples. My job is so much easier now as I understand better. Thank you and I will continue learning from her.

Alison Chan, Blogger


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