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At Proof Perfect, we offer a range of services designed to deliver content for you so that you can quickly implement your planned marketing strategy and expand your reach, offline and online.

These services are centred around our core strengths of copywriting, content writing, editing and proofreading.

For anything we write for you, we first understand:

  • who the focus reader will be – as we need to “talk” to different people in the way that resonates with them, using the tone and language they connect with
  • the medium the content will be placed on – writing for social media, websites, brochures, annual reports will all require a different approach
  • the objectives of the content – whether you want to inform, promote, entertain
  • what action you want the reader to take – what call to action we need to place on the content to instruct your reader to take the correct action


You’ll find in the menu bar a list of our services from:

You’ll find more detailed information on each service on its own page.

But if you need something writing that’s not listed, just ask!


Our editorial team

Our writers are native English speakers with over 20 years of experience writing across a wide range of industries including finance, hospitality, education, IT, beauty, retail and manufacturing.

We’ve written about everything from precision-engineered moulds for the necks of plastic bottles to the chartering of private jets. That’s the great thing about what we do; we are always learning new things and exploring new worlds. And for the products and services we write about regularly, it’s about finding a fresh perspective and new ways to communicate the value.

We are particularly good at taking complex information, in-depth research and industry jargon, and rewriting it in a way the layman will not only understand, but will connect with.

So whether your business is precision engineering or high-end luxury retail or anything in between, our role is the same:

  • getting your reader’s attention
  • getting them to connect with you
  • getting them to desire your offering
  • getting them to take action

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Ange Dove is to me what I am to my clients, a guardian angel and professional problem solver! She takes care of the details and ensures that my websites are eloquently presented so that I can focus on researching the law, which is what I enjoy most.

Sam Choong, Advocate & Solicitor – Messrs Khaw Cheow Poh & Associates

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