Communicate in one voice – your brand voice


Are you ready to disrupt the market with a brand that stands for something and stands out?


Establish your brand identity

Your company brand is derived from its core values. Your brand is uniquely your own. We work with you in workshops to really drill down on who you are and where you stand.

Then we’ll set about creating your brand for maximum disruption. Because you don’t want to look like ANYONE else out there.

You want to stand out and lead the pack.


Keep your brand identity consistent

We create strong identities for company brands and provide Corporate Identity Guidelines to ensure your brand stays consistent in every communication and at every customer touchpoint.

We’ll document the rules for you around how the following can and can’t be used in your brand:

  • logo
  • fonts
  • primary graphics
  • secondary graphics
  • brand colour palette
  • photographs
  • brand voice
  • template designs


Find your brand voice

You may already have established Brand Identity Guidelines. But do they outline your brand voice and give copywriters working for you clear direction on how to write all your communications on brand?

Probably not. We’ve seen enough of them to know that this crucial element of brand creation is often missed out.

At Proof Perfect it’s something we ALWAYS include. Because we are copywriters at our core and we know how important that direction is.

And when we write for you, we’ll always want to know what your brand voice is so that we can tell a consistent story in everything we do for you.


Need a refreshed brand or simply looking to make it all consistent? Call us on 6830 8456 now to book a FREE brand audit.

I've worked with Ange for over 2 years now, and she's delivered as much inspiration to me and the business as she has excellent creative, and insightful copywriting. She leads a lovely team - working with them is efficient, smooth, proactive - everything an agency is supposed to be. Highly recommended!

Paul Emmerson, VP Brand Management


How can content work in marketing my business?

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