When it’s almost there, but not quite

Your content is complete. The text is presented in a logical order. But it needs work to add polish, improve flow and remove errors.


In other words, it needs editing.

Our Proof Perfect team provides two kinds of editorial services depending on where you are in the writing process:


Line editing
We go through your text line by line to:

  • tighten your text. We make sure you don’t rely on a particular word or phrase too often. We also check that sentence lengths and structure vary, and that information flows logically.
  • check that the text content targets the right audience – that register and vocabulary are suitable.
  • ensure that we communicate the message as intended without jargon or other issues that will affect understanding.


Here we check for errors in:

  • grammar
  • syntax
  • punctuation
  • consistency in spelling
  • continuity of information
  • consistency of presentation


The result is accurate, consistent, error-free text.



Would you benefit from editing services?

    • You have something important you want to communicate in the written form. You’ve managed to get the message down, but writing isn’t really your forte. You are not quite sure your sentences are grammatically correct all the way through.
    • Your text is long and you are not sure the flow is logical. You’ve moved things around and you’re so close to it and so knowledgeable of the subject matter, you are not sure it translates well to someone reading it for the first time.
    • You’re a student and your professor has told you to get professional editing help for your thesis once the content writing is complete.
    • You want a second opinion and a fresh pair of eyes to look over your text because you are too attached to it.


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    Have a book to edit? Check out our dedicated book editing services.

Ange understands my goals. The work is always completed within deadlines and to brief. I have peace of mind that my work is in good hands. The feedback is constructive with improvements that enhance our books. This is a real value add.

Sarah Froggatt, Limey Limericks Publishing


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