Because your international reputation matters

Localisation is vital for your global corporate reputation.


When you want to reach out to a global audience it’s not enough to simply translate your marketing materials into English. You need localisation. 

Have you ever seen badly translated materials in print. Of course you have. It’s everywhere. But it doesn’t have to be that way for your written communication when you translate from a foreign language into English.

Every language has its own syntax or sentence structure. So when text is translated from one language to another as a straight word-for-word translation, you may be able to understand the general gist of the translation, but it won’t read right. Translation just conveys the basic message. It certainly doesn’t result in effective marketing copy for your English-speaking audience.

At best, your text will make sense, but it just won’t read in a way that convinces and sells.

At worst, you risk your readers not understanding your message sentences or even inaccuracies that are comical.

Your global reputation is at stake, so don’t leave the translation of your marketing messages to chance.


    Use our localisation services

    At Proof Perfect, we take the translated English text and:

  • remove the mother tongue influences.
  • rewrite the text as if it had been written in English first.
  • localise it for the local audience.

The result is accurate and professional marketing materials that create trust with your target readers.

Because if you don’t read good, you don’t look good.


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I needed my Singapore website up in two days and only had a rough translation of the content from Italian. What I thought would be an editing job turned out to be a full rewrite. When I consulted with Ange, she recommended a much better flow of information for me. Just 2 days later, my site was completed and launched. I'm so glad I found Ange and her team at Proof Perfect. Response was immediate and they got the job done professionally and with time to spare.

Ricardo Communod, Fedro Pte Ltd


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