How Taylor Swift has mastered the art of teaser marketing

A teaser marketing case study

While the solar eclipse was the top worldwide trend on Twitter on Friday, Taylor Swift pulled a little eclipse of her own – wiping out all content on her social media platforms.

Gone was every Facebook post, every Instagram image and Twitter message she’s ever posted.

And her website went dark.

This sent fans into a tizzy and the resulting Internet mania had Taylor upstaging the eclipse big time.


What did it all mean?

More publicity on a day most would assume attention belonged on the solar eclipse, that’s for sure.

But fans knew it was more than that. Was this teaser marketing campaign a precursor to the announcement of an upcoming album – her first in three years?

Speculation continued and excitement built among Taylor’s fans, the Swifties. But she let them stew for the whole weekend.

Then on Monday morning – a glimmer of light from the darkness came.

She broke her silence with the following  10-second static-infused teaser video of a snake:



A not so veiled reference to her feud with Kayne West? Certainly.

She’s taken an emoji used to vilify her and turned it into an ingenious marketing tool that she’s employed to announce her new image, her new album out in November, and her new single out this Thursday.

She dripped this information bit by bit on Monday to eager fans. Finally the third teaser revealed more of the snake and then finally a glimpse at the new image, the album and single.



By now, was there anyone who didn’t know Taylor Swift was releasing a new album?


A perfectly orchestrated teaser marketing campaign:

  • tied to a topical worldwide attention-getting event (the eclipse)
  • dripped bit by bit with teaser content to get everyone guessing, talking and sharing
  • taking negative publicity and turning it to her advantage in her own marketing materials

Can’t say I’m a die-hard fan of her music, but I’m certainly a fan of her marketing style.

It works – even I’m intrigued to see the next edition of Taylor Swift …

All will be revealed.



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