Getting your brand voice wrong is like talking to your friends the way you would your business associates: you’ll say the right things but something will feel staged. In an age when everyone’s trying to sell, customers have become wiser. They know when a brand is being authentic, and if they don’t feel a connection, they won’t buy. As a leading content marketing agency in Singapore, here’s what we’d recommend for fine-tuning your all-important voice:


A huge benefit of working for a content marketing agency in Singapore is that we have seen it all – including the brands who have failed. Often it’s because they haven’t given enough thought to how their demographic wants to be spoken to. Do your audience need inspiring business language to feel motivated and achieve results? Or would a chatty tone with informal language affirm their relationship with you?


Ensure your tone is emotive enough to make your audience feel something. As a leading content marketing agency in Singapore, we know the types of words and statements that resonate with our audience. Whether you intend to inspire, educate or entertain, you should define how you want your readers to feel – then gear towards it. They’ll be much more likely to share, follow and tell their friends if you get the tone right.


Create a test group. Send your content to friends or family who fit the bill of your demographic and see how the tone sits with them. Don’t be shy of creating more content than necessary. At our content marketing agency in Singapore, we’ve been known to create multiple briefs and pick the one that fits best. Switch between them until you find the perfect balance!

Are you doing these things already? Would hiring a content marketing agency in Singapore make developing your voice easier? Give us a call and we can find out.

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Ange Dove

About Ange Dove

Master copywriter and content marketer Ange Dove, AKA Copy Warrior, founded Proof Perfect in 2003 to improve business communication and marketing, one business at a time.

Ange and her Proof Perfect team focus on providing compelling copy backed by powerful visuals to make clients’ content stand out both online and offline.

She is adept at planning strategies for her clients and using the best of today’s technologies to automate their marketing so they can Get Ready, Get Seen, Get Business.

Faye Newton

About Faye Newton

Faye runs the team at Proof Perfect. It’s her role to make sure the copy we write for our clients is on point and on time, and backed by stunning visuals.

Before joining Proof Perfect in 2017, Faye headed a team of writers for an e-commerce online site in the UK. This is where she learned to be goal oriented, and how to write copy and create design visuals fast, as well as lead an inhouse and outsourced team that could do the same.

Faye makes sure our clients get crisp and accurate content that perfectly expresses their message, their brand and their company.