Content is king. We know, we know – you’ve heard it a million times before. It’s easier said than put into practice, but then practice DOES make perfect, right?

Regardless of the audience and purpose you’re writing for, there are plenty of ways you can create better content without having to reinvent the wheel each and every time.

These are the ways we would encourage a professional writer in Singapore to create compelling content – see if they work for you, too!

Don’t make blog titles an afterthought  

As any experienced writer in Singapore can tell you, blog titles can be ‘make or break’. Research shows that bold headlines get more interaction and click-throughs on social media. Titles that perform well tend to include actionable statements like ‘will make you’ and ‘the reason is’. You could also consider headings that suggest easily digestible and well-organised content such as ‘how to’ and ‘10 reasons why’. In short, good headings promise quality content and valuable answers.

Speak the language of your demographic

We all know what a demographic is, but have you thought about the type of language you use online? Whenever we hire a professional writer in Singapore, we underline the importance of tone. Rather than use formal language when talking to millennials, think about the words they’d use instead. When you resonate with your audience, they’re far more likely to respond to your calls-to-action.

Get snappy with your email headings

While headings are a small part of your marketing emails, they’re often the first part a customer sees. We never get a second chance to make a first impression, and neither does the majority of our trash folder! Urgency, curiosity and timeliness all compel people to open emails, as our writers well know. Consider using numbers to suggest readers can learn a lot in a short space of time. Did you know that, on average, people are more drawn to headings with odd numbers than even ones?

Make your content actionable

Anyone who has worked as a copywriter in Singapore will be familiar with actionable content. You could be creating strong content, reeling in readers with all the right hooks, but then letting them swim away when they’ve got their answers. Whether you want them to follow your social media accounts or share their all-important email address for future mailings, it’s your job to get them there. Never underestimate the use of hyperlinks and clickable buttons to make the job easier!

Reduce grammatical errors

Sloppy copy is an instant turn off for potential customers. Would you place your trust a website that didn’t bother to copy edit? By investing in your content – for example hiring a writer in Singapore – you’ll increase accuracy and with that, the trust of your customer.

Did you find these tips useful? If you think hiring a professional writer in Singapore would benefit your business, get in touch. We have plenty more tips where these came from.

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