We get asked this a lot. We also receive queries about how long you should spend editing and proofreading your finished product. While there’s no amount of time set in stone, you should never underestimate the importance of good editing. Accuracy can turn a good thesis into a great thesis, and a lack of it can be your downfall.

What a thesis editor in Singapore can tell you is not just how to edit your thesis but why:

You sound more professional

While research underpins your work, you’ll be taken far more seriously if your thesis is free of error. When you hire a thesis editor in Singapore, you can ensure both editing and proofreading will be taken into consideration. Editing often focuses on the structure and flow of your writing, whereas proofreading usually addresses grammar and spelling issues. Both are important in ensuring accuracy throughout.

You improve readability and flow

Yes, someone is paid to get to the end of your thesis. That doesn’t mean you should abandon its readability. Like you would any piece of content, engage your reader and they’ll appreciate your efforts. This is your masterpiece, after all – make sure they get something from it.

You set it apart from the crowd

Those who have hired a thesis editor in Singapore may know how many drafts are produced every week and month. Plenty of tutors are accustomed to seeing the same mistakes time and time again – so don’t be another statistic. Ensure impeccable grammar and sentence structure and you’ll end up with a thesis you can truly be proud of.

Thinking of hiring a thesis editor in Singapore? We have a range of packages that might suit you – give us a call and we’d be happy to talk more.

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