A marketing ploy or a real beef? Who’s the clown?

I read in the newspaper today that Burger King in Russia is trying to ban the new movie “IT” based off the Stephen King book of the same name. ┬áThen I went online and the story is everywhere!

Burgers and movie bans? Strange combination, you may think.

So what’s the “beef”? Sorry, I couldn’t resist!

Well, it seems that Burger King thinks that the clown portrayed in IT bears too much of a resemblance to Ronald McDonald, and the fear is it will send cinema-goers over to McDonalds in droves. So it wants the movie banned! Say what?

Not sure I see that much of a physical resemblance myself other than they are both clowns with red hair. To me, Pennywise bears a stronger resemblance to The Joker. I don’t think mid movie I’ll be saying: “I know who he reminds me of now! Good old happy Ronald McDonald!” I pretty much think I’ll just be enjoying the movie.

So was this a marketing ploy to get Burger King into the media? No news is definitely NOT good news, and any news is better (even if you sound like a whiney clown). So ride your news on the coat-tails of a popular best-selling movie and voila! – you’ve got yourself some free publicity!

It’s certainly got them in the news and got people talking. I’m one of them spreading the publicity right here!

But will it backfire when cinema-goers now watch IT the movie and make that connection to Ronald McDonald where there was none before? Will it now send movie-goers out for a McDonalds after the show, or any time they see an ad for the movie, when it wouldn’t have before the call for the ban?

Who’s going to win this beef in terms of footfall?

Will McDonalds be thanking Burger King for the upsurge in business thanks to a marketing ploy gone wrong?

Who’s the clown here?

Your thoughts?



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